About the School

The World's Greatest Improv School is a game-based, long-form improv school.

We have two categories of classes:

  • Undergrad: If you want the fundamentals, we have an "undergraduate program" of three levels.
    • Level 1: Intro to Improv
    • Level 2: Organic Improv (improv with no opening)
    • Level 3: Premise Improv (improv with an opening)
  • Grad School: Intemediate/advanced classes meant for people who have taken two or three improv classes. You do not need to have taken WGIS classes to try these. You can have studied at ANY long-form improv theater to take these. Anything without the word "Level" in the title.

You can also see a list of every class we've offered.

History of WGIS

Will Hines, a longtime teacher and performer who trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in both New York and Los Angeles, founded the school in April 2020.

With a small catalog of shows and jams, WGIS also wants to draw like-minded people together and let them appreciate each other's sensibilities, celebrate each other's creativity and push them to be great artists and people.

We have classes online, and in person in Los Angeles and New York.