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If you need a workshop or development training that is both fun and truly educaiton, WGIS can do that for you. The tools and exercises of improv comedy will get your staff on their feet, thinking cooperatively and having fun. Learn new ways of thinking and working together.

"Build It Together" Workshop

A 1-2 hour workshop on team building. Use improv exercises to drill active listening, increased empathy, and "yes, and" style collaboration.

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Team Building Intensive

A 3-5 hour intensive for larger groups. Break out in small groups for simple exercises, then come together for group-wide activites and games. Focus is: active listening, increased empathy, "yes-and" collaboration.

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Private Improv Show

A team of our seasoned performers will stage a fully-improvised show for your employees. Perfect for development retreats, special events and regional gatherings.

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College Workshop and Show

For universities, we will send a team of our top performers to teach a combination performance and workshops. Perfect for colleges with their own improv teams and communities.

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Games, Games, Games

Improv teaches valuable skills, it's also a lot of fun. This workshop speciaizes in having fun together. Break the ice, see each other in a different modes, support each other in these "fun-first" exercises.

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YOUR Improv Show

An improv show starring YOUR teams. Our performers will host and guide your teams as they perform simple fun improv games FOR EACH OTHER. It's like the ultimate game night. Perfect for teams of creative professionals. Yes, you can do it. You will not forget it.

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