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Clubhouse Fridays / photo by Andrew Sproge

World's Greatest Improv School

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WGIS (the World's Greatest Improv School) loves long-form improv, and wants you to be the best improviser you can be. Get in the flow and find your voice.

Now featuring 6-week core courses (in-person and online) to get you to improv mastery fast.

In-Person Shows

Club House Fridays

2 house teams + teacher set

Broad Water Tuesdays

Class Shows, Teams

House Teams

Every Friday

WGIS Core Classes

6 Weeks plus a show(s)

Our four level program gets you to improv expertise fast. Each level is now 6 weeks, plus (for in-person classes) class shows! Get on your feet and get good. Prices range from $240-300, pending on how many sessions.

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1: Intro to Improv

Learn the basics: say yes, be real, get in the flow.

2: Game Of The Scene

Play game, not plot. Learn to pull ideas from an opening.

3: Second Beats

Find the game, do it again, support.

4: Harold

Learn group games and third beats to complete your knowledge of the Harold.

Upcoming Online Classes

Times in (PST)
Tue Feb 21 11am
240 USD - Sold Out
Wed Feb 22 5pm
240 USD
Thu Feb 23 5pm
240 USD - Sold Out
Mon Feb 27 10am
240 USD - Sold Out
Mon Mar 6 12pm
30 USD
Tue Mar 7 9am
160 USD
Crash Course
6 classes
Thu Mar 9 2pm
240 USD

Upcoming In Person Los Angeles Classes

Times in (PST)
Mon Feb 13 2:15pm
85 USD - Sold Out
Level 4: Harold
6 classes, 2 shows
Sat Feb 18 12pm
280 USD
Sat Feb 18 3pm
25 USD
Sun Feb 19 12pm
25 USD
Sat Feb 25 3pm
240 USD
Level 3: Second Beats
6 classes, 2 shows
Sun Feb 26 12pm
280 USD - Sold Out
Level 2: Game of the Scene
6 classes, 2 shows
Sun Feb 26 3pm
280 USD - Sold Out
Sun Feb 26 6pm
30 USD
Level 5: Pretty Flower
7 classes, 2 shows
Sun Mar 5 6pm
250 USD

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