How It Works

What Classes Do You Offer?

We have two categories of classes:

  • Grad School: Most of our classes are intermediate/advanced classes meant for people who have taken two or three improv classes. You do not need to have taken WGIS classes to try these. You can have studied at ANY long-form improv theater to take these.
  • Undergrad: If you want the fundamentals, we have an "undergraduate program" of three levels.
    • Level 1: Intro to Improv
    • Level 2: Organic Core
    • Level 3: Premise Core

You can also see a list of every class we've offered.

How Do I Enroll?

First, you sign in to the site (click 'login' in the nav bar at the top). You enter an email, we send you a link. No passwords.

Once signed in, you click on a class and then "enroll" to enroll. If it's full you can join the waiting list.

After you are enrolled, you'll get an email with either a physical address or a link to a Zoom session.

A lot happens over email. That's how you'll get reminders, updates, etc.

How Can I Find Out When You Post More Classes?

There's no fixed schedule of when we post them. It depends on when the teachers are available to teach. The best way to stay abreast of new classes is join our Facebook Group, our Discord chat server or our weekly email newsletter. For more info on those see our community page.

How Do I Pay?

See how to pay for our payment options.

Full refund if you drop 24 hours before start of class. No refunds after that.

Do I Need Prior Experience?

For most classes, yes. But you don't need to have taken WGIS classes! We accept experience from any long-form improv school. Some classes have specific pre-requisities. If you're not sure, email Will (address at bottom of site) and he might grant an exception.

How Do I Get On A Team?

We pick in-person teams in Los Angeles from students about every 6 months. Anyone who has taken any class is eligible. There are no auditions. The owners (Will, Jim and Sarah) pick based on the admittedly very subjective categories of improv ability, support of fellow students/players and percevied availability to practice (like, is the person around? already committed to other teams?) We ask our teachers and coaches to make suggestions. There is nothing students can do to lobby their case! Believe it or not, we do this to make it emotionally easier on students -- no auditions, no essays, no submissions.

For online classes, we no longer have teams. Instead we will have a program called "labs" in which students can pay the costs of being in a short-term ensemble (like a reasonably priced class which has a number of Twitch performances).

Other Questions?

Click the pages in the nav bar at the top of the site to learn more about the history of the school, the teachers or see a calendar of all upcoming classes.