Code of Conduct

(To report misconduct, jump to 'How To Report Misconduct.')

  • Treat each other with respect, as well as the characters that you play.
  • Please respect each others' pronouns if given, and that it's okay to not disclose any. Refer to people how they wish to be referred to.
  • If you are in a scene that makes you uncomfortable, you may end it by walking out. If you want to discuss what happened, you can, but you don't have to. Also, your teacher may stop a scene if they think it's going somewhere uncomfortable. This is not meant to punish anyone, just keep the class fun.
  • WGIS also knows that mistakes may be made without ill-intent and are opportunities to learn. Where communication can help, we use that first.
  • Please inform your teacher or coach of anything you want them to know ahead of time, such as physical or emotional conditions or other access needs that might make exercises or shows difficult, uncomfortable or challenging.
  • Under no circumstances should you be expected to tolerate sexual misconduct and other forms of harassment or abuse from other students, performers, teachers, coaches, administrators or anyone - whether that happens inside or outside class, online, via text, or any other method.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not honor this code.
  • You can report misconduct or file comments at our third-party reporting service here:

How To Report Misconduct

Red Flag Reporting

We have contracted a third party reporting system: Red Flag Reporting. You can report concerns safely, securely and anonymously 24/7. If you are uncomfortable with a situation, Be Proactive.

Red Flag Reporting is your hotline for:

  • Misconduct
  • Safety violations
  • Unethical behavior

To file a report, remember our Client Code is “LAIMPROV” and pick one of the following options:

  • Visit and click on “File a Report” or just click right here and enter "LAIMPROV".
  • Call 1-877-647-3335
  • Text RFR to 234-231-9005
  • Or scan this with your phone: Red Flag Reporting - LA Indie Improv

You may also use the following (be sure to be detail oriented, provide our client code, and indicate if you wish to be anonymous or not):

  • Fax to 330-572-8146
  • Email to
  • Mail to RFR, P.O. Box 4230, Akron, Ohio 44321

This account is shared by: The Clubhouse, WE Improv, Shared Experience and Improv-LA. Once you file a report -- these organizations will investigate promptly. You have the option to not include any of these organizations when you submit.

If A Report Is Filed

After a report is filed, and if it involves WGIS directly or indirectly, WGIS’ owners (Will Hines, Jim Woods, Sarah Claspell) will investigate. If that’s not appropriate, we’ll contract a third party to investigate. Investigation will include speaking to all sides of the issue, documenting what’s found and informing all parties of the decision in a timely manner.

Our primary goal will be to point out the problem and provide a clear path/guidelines for making needed changes. Depending on the severity of the issue, possible responses to reports of misconduct include: warnings, suspensions, bans for a limited time or permanently, and filing charges with the police.

WGIS also knows that mistakes may be made without ill-intent and are opportunities to learn. Not everything is a bannable offense. Where communication can help, we will use that first. We do not believe in “good” versus “bad” people – it is behavior that needs to be identified and addressed.

Thank you!