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art by Nikki Rodriguez
Adam Jilt Play by Play

WGIS current has two nights of in-person shows in sunny Los Angeles, California. On Tuesdays we have Broadwater Tuesdays featuring teams, tourneys and jams. And on Fridays we do Harolds with our house teams as well as a teacher set.

Broadwater Tuesdays

Starting in Novemeber 2022, WGIS is doing shows at Broadwater Theater on Tuesday Nights. We have three shows every week:

  • 7pm - Two teams do a set. Featuring UCB teams, WE teams and WGIS mash-up teams
  • 8:30pm - We're currently doing a 3prov tournament in this spot. But we have plans to do other fun formats including: Play by Play (improv w/ sports commentary), all-wigs nights (WGIS WIGS), Boxing Day sets (bad British accents) and more
  • 10pm - Open Jam. Hosted by Jim Woods, Sarah Claspell and Will Hines. Throw your name in the hat and jam.

Broadwater Theater is at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd. Street parking. $10 optional donation. Our shows are usually in the Black Box Theatre though sometimes on the Second Stage. They're right next to each other.

Broadwater Tuesdays 2023 Schedule

Starting January 2023, we're moving to a new schedule with two shows a night. A class show at 7:30pm, and WGIS teams at 9pm. Team schedule will be announced in mid-December. Here's the class show schedule.

    7:30pm schedule
  • Jan 3 - play by play
  • Jan 10 - Level 5
  • Jan 17 - Level 5
  • Jan 24 - Sarah Level 3 / Jim Level 4
  • Jan 31 - Julie Level 1 / Will Level 2
  • Feb 7 - Level 5
  • Feb 14 - Julie level 1 / Sarah Level 3
  • Feb 21 - Will Level 2 / Jim Level 4

Clubhouse Fridays

Clubhouse Fridays jump Clubhouse Location

7pm showtime, door code 0279#

WGIS has four in-person house teams. Every Friday 7pm at the Clubhouse, two house teams do a Harold, followed by a set from Jim Woods, Will Hines and Sarah Claspell (and sometimes guests). $10 optional donation.

The Clubhouse is a community improv black box theater. It's at 1607 N. Vermont Ave in a shopping center. There's a door code required which is 0279#. See above photo for the kinda hidden entrance! We're in the downstairs (main) stage.

Fall/Winter 2022 Teams Schedule

Nov 4: Adam Jilt / Dearly Beloved

Nov 11: The Funnies / Party Horses Say Hay

Nov 18: Bitness Class Shows

Nov 25: Thanksgiving week - TBA

Dec 2: The Funnies / Adam Jilt

Dec 9: Party Horses Say Hay / Dearly Beloved

Dec 16: Bitness Class Shows

Dec 23: Holiday week - TBA

Dec 30: Holiday week - TBA

Fall/Winter 2022 Roster

Adam Jilt: Anna Bezahler, Artin Sarkisyan, DarylJim Diaz, Isabella Escalante, Jessica Dahlgren, Lars Midthun, Meredith Haspel-Elliott, Ted Asbaghi
COACH: Jim Woods

Dearly Beloved: Andrew Sproge, Anja Boltz, Bob Hsiao, Cassie Grilley, Judith Friedman, Matt Rubano, Nolan Purvis, Russell Carter
COACH: Will Hines

The Funnies: Benedikt Sebastian, Isabel Galbraith, Jessica Sproge, Justin Liu, Kelly Hannah, Nick Luciano, Spencer Kruse, Rocky Strobel
COACH: Jim Woods

Party Horses Say Hay: Amanda Bonar, Cara Popecki, BJ Schwartz, Erik Kestel, Harrison Merkt, Phil Gould, Sara Keller, Sebastian Davis
COACH: Sarah Claspell