We have both online and in person classes, shows and teams here!

If you're looking for teams, do you want Los Angeles teams or online teams?



Zoom and Twitch

We get the best teachers in LA and NYC, available online for our community.

Classes Shows and Jams
In Person LA

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

We are based in Los Angeles, California (and a few in NYC). Classes and teams that form a great improv community.

Classes Shows and Teams
In Person NYC



In-person classes in New York, NY!


Which Classes?

We have two categories of classes:

  • Grad School: Most of our classes are intemediate/advanced classes meant for people who have taken two or three improv classes. You do not need to have taken WGIS classes to try these. You can have studied at ANY long-form improv theater.
  • Undergrad: If you want the fundamentals, we have an "undergraduate program" of three levels.
    • Level 1: Intro to Improv
    • Level 2: Organic Core
    • Level 3: Premise Core


To stay up to the date join one of our online communities and discussion groups. We have a Facebook group and a Discord channel and a weekly mailing list. For more details on those, check out our community page.