Online Shows

We have online teams that do shows on twitch, and also online jams! See below for details of how to watch or join in!

Online Teams

Weegis has online shows most Tuesdays, at 10am and 4pm PDT.

See them on our twitch channel:

10am PDT
4pm PDT

Summer 2023 Roster

Body Count: Brian Weir, Laura Powell, Lauren Ray, Merle Geline, Mike Linn, RYAN HARBERT, Steve Raetzman

Butter and Onions: Alene Latimer, Balint Hancz, Heather Marie Vitale, Jacob Philipps, Kathryn Janiuk, Matt A, Suvrath Penmetcha

Casino Boat: Adam Slager, Andy Morrison, Ari Friedgut, Gabby, Hopper, Jenna Jacobsen, Jet, Kevin Di Lucente, Selene Bance

Light Bulb: Brian, Eric O'Keeffe, Jen deHaan, John Dardenne, Jude da Silva, Kristen Drenning, Michael Brown, Nathalie Antonia, Todd Sullivan

Tomato Tomato: Cameron Miller, David Leafe, Dmytro Lazar, Eileen, Jon Branch, Keri Kokke, Paul Rabenowitz, Rachel Stewart, Shari Levine

Friday Jams

Every Friday, there are two open jams for improvisers of all experience levels: Friday 11am and 5pm (PDT)

To join them, just go to this zoom link at those times. The jams are private - they are NOT streamed or recorded.
Meeting ID: 943 6367 6979
Passcode: 129538

Friday Jams
art by Amanda Bigford