How To Pay

You sign up for our classes, and then you pay separately on your own. There are four ways to pay for your classes.

Four Ways to Pay

Our account is @wgimprovschool. It is a business account. If you can't find it try searching for "wgis".
Send PayPal payments to or
Credit Card (Stripe)
Yes, you can also pay with a credit card via the service! Make sure to "Change Amount" and set the proper payment amount.
Pay With Credit Card
Note: Deliberate Fool is the name of the corporation that owns WGIS.
We have a bank account with the money transfer service Our wise account is under the email Contact us at with questions.

Any questions or problems with this, please contact

Why Does it Take So Long For Confirmation Message?

It's done manually. Meaning: you pay. An email goes to the WGIS email. And then a human sees the email and goes and marks you as paid in the system. Sometimes the human only checks the email every few hours, or even once a day. Hence: you don't get confirmation for up to a day.