Teachers: Will Hines

Teacher Name
Will Hines

Will has been teaching long-form improv since 2004 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, at both its New York and Los Angeles branches. He's published a best-selling book on improv called How to Be The Greatest Improviser on Earth. He's also a working comedic actor and has appeared on many terrific television programs (Brooklyn 99, Search Party, Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer). He's a frequent guest on some big podcasts, including Comedy Bang-Bang, Improv4Humans, Hollywood Handbook as well as the 99 podcasts he's produced himself (currently Screw It We're Just Gonna Talk about the Beatles, Screw it We're Just Gonna Talk About Comics) Pretty cool! He's also the founder of this web site.

Upcoming classes for Will Hines:

  • Level 3: Second Beats, 9 people max, $240 USD
    Tue Feb 21 11am-1pm (PST)
    Tue Feb 28 11am-1pm
    Tue Mar 7 11am-1pm
    Tue Mar 14 11am-1pm
    Tue Mar 21 11am-1pm
    Tue Mar 28 11am-1pm
  • Level 4: Harold , 9 people max, $240 USD
    Thu Feb 23 5pm-7pm (PST)
    Thu Mar 2 5pm-7pm
    Thu Mar 9 5pm-7pm
    Thu Mar 16 5pm-7pm
    Thu Mar 23 5pm-7pm
    Thu Mar 30 5pm-7pm
  • Level 3: Second Beats, 16 people max, $280 USD
    Sun Feb 26 12pm-2:30pm (PST)
    Sun Mar 5 12pm-2:30pm
    Sun Mar 12 12pm-2:30pm
       Show: Tue Mar 14 7:30pm-8:30pm (Broadwater Theater)
    Sun Mar 19 12pm-2:30pm
    Sun Mar 26 12pm-2:30pm
    Sun Apr 2 12pm-2:30pm
       Show: Tue Apr 11 7:30pm-8:30pm (Broadwater Theater)
  • Level 2: Game of the Scene, 16 people max, $280 USD
    Sun Feb 26 3pm-5:30pm (PST)
    Sun Mar 5 3pm-5:30pm
    Sun Mar 12 3pm-5:30pm
       Show: Tue Mar 14 7:30pm-8:30pm (Broadwater Theater)
    Sun Mar 19 3pm-5:30pm
    Sun Mar 26 3pm-5:30pm
    Sun Apr 2 3pm-5:30pm
       Show: Tue Apr 11 7:30pm-8:30pm (Broadwater Theater)