Teachers: Michael Strassner

Teacher Name
Michael Strassner

Michael is an award winning actor/writer/comedian who has performed all over town for over 10 years. He loves character work and has been a member of the Groundlings Sunday Company, UCB Character Team, and the sketch team Genuine Jerks. He played Jerry "the King" Lawler on NBC's Young Rock, and also has appeared on Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and the Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo to name a few. He also does a ton of characters on his instagram @Strasshola.

Upcoming classes for Michael Strassner:

  • Finding Characters in Life, 16 people max, $260 USD
    Sun Apr 16 12pm-2:30pm (PDT)
    Sun Apr 23 12pm-2:30pm
    Sun Apr 30 12pm-2:30pm
    Sun May 7 12pm-2:30pm
    Sun May 14 12pm-2:30pm
    Sun May 21 12pm-2:30pm
       Show: Sun May 28 12pm-2:30pm