Ground that Sh*t: Being Human Onstage

Location: Anthony Meindl Studios
905 Cole Ave
Los Angeles CA 90038
See class description for room number.

Sat Jun 22 3pm-6pm (LA)

$30 USD
Class size: 16

This workshop has started or is in the past.

Class Description: In this workshop, we explore the essence of being human in improv. Dive deep into the art of authentic storytelling, emotional honesty, and genuine connection with scene partners. Learn to embrace vulnerability, listen actively, and respond truthfully in the moment, creating scenes that resonate with audiences on a human level. Through exercises focused on character development, active listening, and emotional range, discover how to bring depth, complexity, and relatability to your improvisational performances. Whether you're a seasoned improviser or new to the art form, this workshop provides a safe and supportive space to explore what it means to be human onstage and create memorable, impactful, and of course, funny scenes. Class will meet in Room B.
Teacher: Michelle Gilliam

About Michelle Gilliam: Michelle Gilliam is a voice actor and improviser. She has been involved in the improv comedy scene for over 20 years. Michelle has had the pleasure of performing all over the country and being immersed in the Milwaukee, Chicago, and Boston improv scenes, which gives her a unique and well-rounded perspective. Michelle currently coaches, teaches, and performs in Milwaukee, WI. Michelle is also the owner of Improv MKE LLC, and is passionate about connecting the global improv community through online and in-person classes, workshops, skill-based drop ins, and jams. A few fun facts about Michelle: She sang at Carnegie Hall when she was 15 years old, and her grandfather, Clarence W. Gilliam, invented the chemical formula for glow sticks, or chemiluminescence.

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