The Choice You Made


FREE WORKSHOP, FIVE PEOPLE, ONE HOUR (ish). Improv is all about choices. Sometimes we make the real “smart” choice, but often times we make the real silly choice. In this workshop I will help you stick to the initial choice you made to develop the skills of clear but also surprising heightening. “If this then what...” type s**t.

Location: Online

Thu Apr 22, 2021 5pm-6:15pm

Free, 5 (of 5) enrolled

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Teacher: Ronnie Adrian

About Ronnie Adrian: Originally from South Carolina, Ronnie is now a performer based out of Los Angeles. He performs in cities all around the country and you can often catch him with his various groups most notably The Dragons and The Big Team. He does other things besides comedy but this is a comedy bio so he’ll keep it to himself.

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