Get Weirder


You've studied improv and have your map in front of you, guiding you to how to edit, support blah blah blah. Maybe you took "Get Weird" already, and burnt that map and are ready to burn the next one. Lets get even weirder with new ways of generating ideas, editing, supporting scenes and taking big weird swings inside the scene itself. Get out of your head. Advanced Students only: i.e. taken around 4 courses at any improv theater or performed for a year. 4 classes.

Location: Online

Thu Apr 20 11am-1pm (PDT)
Thu Apr 27 11am-1pm
Thu May 4 11am-1pm
Thu May 11 11am-1pm

$160 USD, 8 (of 9) enrolled

This workshop has started or is in the past.

Teacher: Shannon O'Neill

About Shannon O'Neill: Shannon O'Neill is an actor/improviser/writer. She's a veteran of The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where she performed for over 20 years, taught improv for over 15 years, and was Artistic Director from 2014-2018. She has been in TV and film and trouble.

How This Works

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