Framing the Game


A master class in finding the game of the scene. Ever feel like you're being too polite in a scene and you never speak your mind? OR do you feel that you're TOO direct and might be missing what your scene partner is paying attention to. This 4 week class gets at the heart of agreeing on what is interesting about the scene as it happens. Taught by Beth Appel, former Artistic Director of UCB and member of the terrific improv team Cardinal Redbird. (Please note: no class Nov 4th) Class will be in Room B.

Location: Anthony Meindl Studios - 905 Cole Ave Los Angeles CA 90038 See class description for room number.

Sat Oct 14 3pm-6pm (PDT)
Sat Oct 21 3pm-6pm
Sat Oct 28 3pm-6pm
Sat Nov 11 3pm-6pm

$160 USD, 10 (of 14) enrolled

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Teacher: Beth Appel

About Beth Appel: Beth Appel is an LA-based writer/performer/director who currently writes for The Sex Lives of College Girls. As an actor, she has appeared in lots of commercials, television shows and movies, including Never Have I Ever, You, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Adam Ruins Everything, and Greener Grass. Previous writing work includes: Never Have I Ever, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Ty Burrell’s ABC Digital series, Boondoggle, and several projects for Comedy Central.

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