Controlled Chaos


Many improv scenes and sets can be “technically correct,” yet still somehow suffer from not being dynamic enough. This workshop will focus on methods to introduce a little bit of chaos into your scene work, making unexpected and bold choices that keep the improviser ahead of the audience, and fostering a greater sense of play. It’s important to be able to stay on the rails, but it’s also important to jump out of the cart and fall down the mountain every now and again.

Location: Clubhouse Downstairs - 1607 N. Vermont Ave. LA CA 90027 *** Door Code 0279# ***

Sun Oct 1 12pm-3pm

$30 USD, 16 (of 16) enrolled

This workshop has started or is in the past.

Teacher: Zeke Nicholson

About Zeke Nicholson: Zeke Nicholson is a writer/actor from a small town in upstate New York where people from the city go leaf-peeping for fun. He’s written on shows like LOOT (Apple TV+), Marvel’s WONDER MAN (Disney +), A.P. BIO (NBC) and more. As an actor, he’s been on THE GOOD PLACE (NBC), WHILE YOU WERE BREEDING (Freeform), Miracle Workers (TBS) and other stuff. You can also catch him improvising with The Big Team, Cardinal Redbird, and Baby Wants Candy. Dope.

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