Emotional Commitment

Location: Anthony Meindl Studios
905 Cole Ave
Los Angeles CA 90038
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Sat Mar 23 3pm-6pm (LA)
Sat Mar 30 3pm-6pm

$80 USD, 4 (of 16) enrolled

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Class Description: Commit. Care. Invest in the scene.

The more you commit to your scenes the more an audience will commit to watching them.

Two improvisers standing on stage pitching jokes at each other with monotone inflection can be great but in this class, you’ll be asked to do things a different way. In this class, we’ll focus on committing emotionally to every aspect of our scenes. You’ll be asked to care about what’s happening to you and your scene partner.

PERSON WHO COLLECTS FARTS hits so much harder if that person’s passion for collecting farts is contagious. Being the voice of reason to PERSON WHO COLLECTS FARTS will get you so much more empathy from an audience if your concern for your fart-collecting friend is palpable.

Commit. Care. Invest in yourself, your scene partner, and every aspect of your scene.
Teacher: Funk Shuffle

About Funk Shuffle: Funk Shuffle is an improv group founded in Los Angeles in 2014. It's comprised of: Dennis Curlett, Danny Cymbal and Michael Gardner. They specialize in improv and sketch shows that push the form in innovative ways, using absurdity, audience interaction, meta scenes and sometimes straight-up stunts and gimmicks!

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