This page is for members of the WGIS community. First of all, thanks for being here! We have a lot of ways to be a part of the community.

Read on to learn about our twitch channel, discussion groups and merchandise!

Also, you can learn about our online jams.

Twitch Channel

First of all, we have online shows that are broadcast on our Twitch channel.

Twitch is like YouTube, but it mostly shows stuff that is being streamed live, like a little thing called television. If there's a show on at that moment it will be playing, or else you can pick any show from the previous two weeks.

Twitch is very easy to use. You can watch shows without signing up -- just go to our channel. If you DO sign up for a Twitch account (which is free), you can chat and also "follow" our channel, which means you'll get an email whenever a show is starting.

twitch screenshot

Discussion Groups

Discord Server
Discord is a chat service. WGIS has a server there. It's free and fun. It's a great way to meet other WGIS folks. We also post lots of last minute news regarding class openings and shows there. To join, click here.
Facebook Group
We also have a Facebook group. This is another great place to meet WGIS folks. We also post last-minute news there about shows and classes. Join here.
Mailing List
About every two months we start a big batch of new classes. For these big batches, we send advanced warning to the mailing list. Join the mailing list to get this advanced warning. This is the same mailing list that's on the front page.
Discord Screenshot
WGIS Discord


We have TWO merch stores, one for the US and one for the UK/Europe. (Other continents: for the time being, I apologize. Except you, Antarctica).

WGIS Sticker
art by Caitlin Sacks

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy being part of the WGIS commiunity.