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Clubhouse Fridays / photo by Andrew Sproge

World's Greatest Improv School

Improv Grad School

WGIS (the World's Greatest Improv School) loves long-form improv, and wants you to be the best improviser you can be. Get in the flow and find your voice.

Now featuring 6-week core courses (in-person and online) to get you to improv mastery fast.

Sunday Drop-Ins

The World's Greatest Improv Drop-In is a series of workshops and classes led by Mike McLendon (WGIS, UCB, Second City, iO) and other guest teachers from the Los Angeles comedy community. Open to all levels, the drop-in is a pay as you go class. Each week will focus on a specific skill or lesson. Students do not have to pre-register. Just show up. Sunday mornings, 10am-noon, The Clubhouse. Details here.

Sunday Drop-In

Online and In Person

We have both online and in person classes, shows and teams here!



Zoom and Twitch

We get the best teachers in LA and NYC, available online for our community.

Classes Shows and Jams
In Person LA

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

We are based in Los Angeles, California (and a few in NYC). Classes and teams that form a great improv community.

Classes Shows and Teams
In Person NYC



NEW: In-person classes in New York, NY!


Which Classes?

We offer two core classes that cover the fundamentals - 'Organic Core' and 'Premise Core.' Try those if you're new to improv (organic is suggested first). Besides those, everything is an elective meant for intermediate and advanced improvisers. Take what appeals to you. See our course catalog for more info.


We pick teams from our students. Teams run for 3-5 months. There are no auditions. To qualify, you simply have to taken any multi-week class within the last year or so. For online teams, we will ask for applications by emailing recent online students before we pick a new batch. For in person teams, we simply invite students from classes of the previous year.


To stay up to the date join one of our online communities and discussion groups. We have a Facebook group and a Discord channel. For more details on those, check out our community page.

Mailing List

If you want to know about classes the minute they go online, join the mailing list.

You are NOT automatically put on the mailing list when you take a workshop.

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