The Improvised Play

This class will work towards creating fully improvised 30 minute plays. Rather than focusing on the tropes of specific genres we will focus on acting and basic dramatic structure. As in a monoscene the comedy will come from clear character Games but these multi-scene plays will also be built around the characters’ objectives, obstacles and actions. Although the plays will almost always be funny we’ll make emotional honesty and commitment the priority. The class will culminate with us improvising two mind-blowing one-act plays live on YouTube. Some outside of class preparation will be required.

Tue May 18 3pm-5pm
Tue May 25 3pm-5pm
Tue Jun 1 3pm-5pm
Tue Jun 8 3pm-5pm
Tue Jun 15 3pm-5pm
Show: Tue Jun 22 3pm-5pm

$220 USD, 8 (of 8) enrolled, 3 waiting

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Teacher: Brandon Gardner

How This Works

  • All times are California local time (PDT).
  • Pay via Venmo (@wgimprovschool - a business) or Paypal (
  • Classes are held over Zoom
  • LATE DROP POLICY: If drop less than 24 hours before, you still must pay! Unless we sell your spot in which case, it's cool.