Come On Feel the Joy

There was a time when we all loved improv. When it was just... fun. When we would go to worlds that no one could've ever imagined and played characters that dreams could never do justice. But then we grew up and forgot about the joy, only focused on the rules and the structures of formats. This class for all levels is to allow us to take those big leaps and support the worlds of our fellow improvisers. If you are looking to fall in love or re-claim that love with improv... then it is time to come on and feel the joy.

Sun Sep 12 11am-1pm (PDT)
Sun Sep 19 11am-1pm
Sun Sep 26 11am-1pm
Sun Oct 3 11am-1pm
Sun Oct 10 11am-1pm
Show: Sun Oct 17 11am-12pm

$250 USD, 6 (of 8) enrolled

This workshop had started or is in the past.

Teacher: Jason Perez

How This Works

  • All times are California local time (PDT).
  • Pay via Venmo (@wgimprovschool - a business) or Paypal (
  • Classes are held over Zoom
  • LATE DROP POLICY: If drop less than 24 hours before, you still must pay! Unless we sell your spot in which case, it's cool.