Stand in Your Power (For Womxn Only)

Location: Anthony Meindl Studios
905 Cole Ave
Los Angeles CA 90038
See class description for room number.

Sat Aug 26, 2023 12pm-3pm (LA)

$20 USD
Class size: 16

This workshop has started or is in the past.

Class Description: Please note: this workshop is for womxn only (of all levels) so that we can create not only a safe space but dare we say, a brave one! Do you ever hug the backline? Have you ever gotten talked over or outdone in a scene? Have you ever felt like you just keep playing timid characters? Or did you ever feel your confidence dip in improv? It happens to all of us, but this workshop will give you the weapons you need to combat these issues. First, we will play a series of character-focused games and exercises to help you attack the stage, speak your truth, and feel more confident about your improv moves. Then, we will use these tools to drill scenes and watch each other blossom into the warrior goddess improvisers we all know to be inside of us. Class is in Room A.
Teacher: Cara Popecki

About Cara Popecki: Cara is an improviser, writer, and former classroom teacher. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she has a unique ability to draw out the best in improvisers. She blends her professional expertise in pedagogy and curriculum design with her passion for improv. She believes in guiding students to those “light bulb” moments through questions and collaboration. She has previously taught improv at The Washington Improv Theater, The National Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, and online via Caracters Improv School. She has done improv training through Washington Improv Theater, UCB, Groundlings, and Second City, to name a few. You can catch her performing with her current improv teams Glass Clown and Worm Girlfriend. Learn more at

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